Conversational Spanish Tutor Online

"Learn modern conversational Spanish that you can use day to day to communicate with real people."

Learn Modern (Real) Spanish

Modern conversational Spanish, not 17th century text-book Spanish!

Tailor Made for Your Needs

I build the lessons around your needs and goals - completely custom.

You Choose the Schedule

Learn on your own schedule. I work around your time table.

Learn at Your Own Pace - Always

Learn at your own pace. Repeat lessons if you like until you nail them!

Flexible Times - On and Off

Want to take a break or want to double down? You choose your lesson times!

Learn Affordably + Group Discount

Very competitive rate and cheaper rates for group-learning (bring a friend!)

Jose Gonzalez - Conversational Spanish tutor online

About me...

I’m José, a Conversational Spanish Tutor Online, and I teach Spanish lessons via Skype.

I live in the UK and I’m happy to tutor anyone anywhere in the world.

I grew up in Barcelona in a town that thrive on tourism. My mother used to give English lessons to Spanish people and I used to sit in and watch 🙂

What I’m doing is slightly less formal: I realise that most people want to be able to communicate with people using real day to day Spanish – not the stuff you learn from classic literature books that were written in the 20s, using words and sentences that fell out of the mainstream long ago (I’ll tell you a story about that when we speak – just ask me…)

The Plan...

The lessons are tailor-made around your needs, whether you already speak Spanish and are looking to maintain that or whether you’re a complete beginner.

If you have specific situations in mind, then I will create the lessons around that to cover all the language skills you need in that situation.

For example, if you like to visit hotels in Spain, then we can start there: knowing how to ask where the reception is, where the restaurant is and what time meals are served are the types of things that would be most useful to you in that situation.

If you don’t have any specific requirements, then I’m happy to create the lessons for you and start from the beginning.

Either way, I will take you from beginner or intermediate to advanced, learning modern conversational Spanish so that you can communicate effectively with people in Spain today.

How to get started:

Send me an email and let’s arrange a convenient time to chat to see how I can best help you. Before you know it, we’ll be starting your first conversational Spanish lesson!

This is your chance to learn Spanish and communicate with people it not just in Spain but in any Spanish speaking country.

I look forward to hearing from you.



Here are some questions and answers that may help you.
If you have any question that's not listed here, please contact me.

Contact me and let’s arrange a convenient time to have a quick chat and see how I can help you. Feel free to add a little bit about yourself and what you want to learn – or any questions you’d like me to go over on our chat.

Each lesson is 1 hour. I find that works best for most people. However, I’m flexible so if you have something else in mind, let me know and let’s see what we can do.

The first lesson is £10. This gives you an opportunity to experience the lesson at a low cost. So far, everybody has found the teaching style very enjoyable! After that, lessons are £15 per hour.

Payment is made before a lesson and can be made via PayPal or bank transfer. Please note that if you’re using PayPal, there is a small fee to add ‘on top’. 

Get In touch


Location (GMT): UK, but I work with clients all over the world

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